Click on the images below to open the High Dynamic Range (HDR) panorama with controls to zoom and scroll.

Panorama of Sand Point, West end canals, taken with my Drone.

Panorama of Sand Point South Shore, West end, taken with my Drone.

Above photos taken July 7th, 2009, this 80 image HDR Panorama is a 180 degree view from the South side of Sand Point.

Above photos taken March 26th, 2009. The above 7 image panorama is looking ESE from my front yard. Towering over the trees you can see the 250 ft wind turbines that make up the Harvest Wind Farm. At a distance of about 10 miles, as the crow flies (or the wind blows), there are currently 32 turbines. On the far right side you can see the Pigeon Co-Op Elevators.

The above HDR panorama is made up of 28 images, blended & stitched together, taken in early December 2008. It does have some flaws, as I am just learning the technique.

The above 14 image panorama was taken May 8th, 2009 about 2:30 p.m. I was returning from a trip to Bad Axe and just had to stop and photograph these awesome clouds.

The above HDR panorama is made from 63 images taken May 9th, 2008 about 7:40 p.m.